Going for a long drive over the holidays? Want to know where to stop your caravan for the best weather? Interested in taking the convertible or motorcycle out, but want to avoid the rain? Preparing for start in a bicycle race and want to see what gear to pack? Then this is the perfect app for you. TripWeather is an iOS app that makes it possible for you to generate custom weather forecasts for your travelling routes.

Specify your route by dropping pins on a map. Select your expected average speed, and TripWeather will calculate your expected route automatically. Drop more pins to indicate a certain route, detour, or extra stops. The weather forecast will be shown to you both i table and graph form, allowing you to experiment with different starting times to find the best weather conditions for your trip.

The app is available as a $0.99 download on the AppStore.

Have a nice trip!



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User Testimonials:

"I do a lot of intra-Europe driving and always wondered whether an app such as this existed, and here it is. Absolutely superb, love it." - Malta vacationer, US

"Upon reading the reviews of the similar applications they all seemed to share the inability to plot custom routes. The trip I had specifically in mind when purchasing this app was my 7 hour drive to and from the upper peninsula of Michigan during breaks from university. The route I take isn't the normally suggested route so an app like those mentioned above would have left out around 120 miles of my trip. This app lets you fully customize your route and was incredibly easy to use for me! Just tap and hold the cities you'll be passing through and give it a departure time and you're all set." - Angela Cole, US

"This is a great little app ideal for the sort of trip I'm taking this week along a US interstate highway that runs through varying elevations. ... I'm a weather app junkie and I've probably used 10-15 over time. This is the only one that reliably does this sort of thing, at least for the US." - A_B, US

"I own a motorbike and I've been looking for an app like this to plan my rides. This app does what it promises and is easy to use." - Sunshine Rider, US

"This is what I was looking for! Thanks a lot Fantastica, è proprio quello che stavo cercando, grazie." - Alfiere, Italy

"Hace lo que dice, Muy bien hecha." - Alaraq, Spain


These screenshot with mark-up roughly show the workflow of the app.

The weather along the route can also be viewed as a graph by tilting the phone sideways.

The iPad version of course makes use of the larger screen.